Fjord Tourism
Askøy will be the host municipality for fjord tourism, and the Bergen region will be the destination.

Home port for fjord tourism

A port that is a base for cruise ships, fjord tourism and a fast ferry network should generate significant synergies. With up to 15-20,000 daily passengers in high season depending on the size of ships, a variety of areas are expected to benefit.

The catchphrase “Norway in one building” came up during our work on the project, and it refers to Kildn’s potential as a unique destination in addition to being a port. As a gateway to fjord tourism, it is reasonable to believe that Kildn could become a key base for destination managers thanks to its steady, year-round stream of tourists.

Developing Western Norway as a destination

Kildn offers major benefits to society. It will create jobs. It will create jobs for the local community and help establish new areas for recreation, boost the area’s image and make an important contribution to achieving our climate goals. It will help to develop Western Norway as a destination by creating a new gateway to the region, where fjord tourism will have Askøy as its host municipality and the Bergen region as its tourist destination. It will create synergies for the business community, the maritime and energy sectors, research communities, the construction industry and the tourism and cruise industry, and it will act as a global reference project for how to implement political goals in practice if you have access to world-class technology.