Is the idea to move all cruise ships from the Port of Bergen to Askøy?

Is the idea to move all cruise ships from the Port of Bergen to Askøy?

Is the idea to move all cruise ships from the Port of Bergen to Askøy? 150 150 admin_kilden

No. Bergen is currently Norway’s busiest port of call for cruise ships, and fjord tourism generates significant revenues for businesses in the region. However, the city council has decided to reduce the number of cruise ships calling at Bergen city centre from eight to three per day. Alternative options are therefore needed.

As a home port for cruise ships, Kildn can be a complementary port to Bergen. It can make an important contribution to ensuring that the Bergen region has the capacity and flexibility to cater to the expected increase in fjord tourism in the region.

Eidsvika on Askøy enjoys a strategic location on the approach to Bergen, which means it can play a key role in a fast ferry network, acting as a charging station and hub linking Bergen, Flesland and the new port at Ågotnes.
The port has the potential to supply five large cruise ships, as well as a fleet of electric high-speed craft operating on a fast ferry network serving the Bergen region.

Instead of all cruise ships having to enter Bergen, some of them will be able to dock at Askøy, where they will be able to resupply and recharge their batteries. Passengers will be ferried to and from Bergen, Flesland and the fjords on a network of routes served by electric fast ferries.

The goal is to build a zero-emission port that provides shore power to cruise ships using electricity it generates itself, thereby ensuring minimal pollution. Our vision is to develop Norway’s biggest (and first) zero-emission port for cruise ships and ferries. We will require cruise ships and high-speed craft to operate in electric/zero-emission mode when approaching the port, as will the Port of Bergen. We believe that this will be possible, and it will also help to implement the authorities’ Action Plan for Green Shipping, which requires cruise ships to produce zero emissions in world heritage fjords by 2026 and aspires for ports to be zero-emission by 2030.